Proving Your Worth...

A few months ago, I saw Infotec in Norfolk, VA signed up to do a self-serve event INFOTEC NORFOLK VA presents- Microsoft Across America Truck). I was impressed by how far in advance they had made their plans.

I reached out to them. They had everything ready to go. They were set up for success. I asked how I could help.

"Well," Ann Perry said, "it'd be great to get a list of companies who have Software Assurance on their Office and Exchange products so we can upsell them and drive deployment." Since they had demonstrated their value early on, I figured I'd go the extra mile for them.

And it paid off.

Today, with still 1 week to go, they have 116 people registered for their event and Ann tells me, the list was a HIT!

So, you know what happened?

Instead of Ann tincupping to me, I went to her and said, "Hey, Ann, please tell me what I can do to help you more?"

Now, Ann's got a copy of Windows Server 2003 with 25 CAL's ($3500 value) to giveaway next week and I seeded her next event with $200.

As my old boss used to say, "You invest in us and WE WILL invest in you."

Well done, Ann!