Reaching out to the Disappointed...

No one likes to have disappointed customers or partners. It's not fun and you feel like a failure.

Nevertheless, it' s better, IMHO, to reach out to those who are upset than to let their irritation fester.

After our WIN calls, I make a point of contacting those who gave me the lowest eval scores to find out "how I missed the boat."

Almost always, the conversations are valuable.

This month, Bryce from Ideablade told me that he wants more information on

"how we can take better advantage of Microsoft's marketing efforts."

He's an ISV and needs better visibility into what we are doing that can help him.

Do I have the answer? No.

But what I am going to do is assemble a "virtual panel discussion" of MS employees for next month's State/Local Gov't call who may have it.

Bryce has agreed to co-host the chat with me.

Feb. 5th.Register here.

Now, Bryce has (I hope) gone from being a bit disappointed in the experience of the WIN call to being a co-creator of content. Let's see how it goes.