Seth Godin at U of MD-REMARKABLE!

Thanks to those of you who turned out for Seth Godin's talk at the U of MD business school on Friday.

As expected, it was a mind-opening affair and it's going to go a long way to shaping how the Mid-Atlantic team is going to go to market with partners.

I'm inviting all of you in attendance to please share your "key takeaways" from the morning.

Here are some of mine.

  1. The "sales funnel" is dead. Flip it and give your best customers a megaphone!
  2. Average doesn't cut it. Figure out how to "be remarkable."
  3. Ideas sell...what's your big idea? How do you communicate it?

Here's Seth's Blog


OK, folks, share yours in the comments section! (I know who was there)


(And yes, feel free to praise the guy who introduced him!)