So, how do I set up an event?

Lauren from Essent wrote in today with some good questions (and legitimate complaints)

1. Can you please send me some kind of “steps to take” list for creating an event? I have been told many different things. Something that explains what needs to be done to set up the event prior to the event and then post event. I will then follow the process for all our events.

2. I have an event and presenter for my October event. I have also already been sent over the pending support offer, but I want to change the event topic to Office 2007. How would I go about doing that. Should I just delete the event and create a new one. If so I will create it based off of the process that you send me over.

Good question.

Steps to take is as follows (for SMSP partners in the US East Region)

1. You tell your local team (for Lauren, that is me) when (rough timeframe) you want to hold an event

2. We send you an Event Support Offer through You will need an account, if you don't have one (but Lauren has one)

3. You accept the ESO and begin to work with the MPE team to identify final dates/venue etc.

4. When you accept ESO, this provides us the ability to

  • support you financially
  • create a site
  • make presenter requests
  • track attendance (for sales execution) and other types of assistance.

5. If you want to change a topic, you will just need to work with the MPE team. In some cases, we will withdraw the initial ESO and send you another ESO (this is done when you make a wholesale change that affects a different part of our business…say server vs. desktop)

I hope this helps. Please leave a comment if you have questions.