Synergy Events....

OK, next question that partners ask is "What's the value of the Synergy Event series for a partner?" [this is what most people call down on at the Shark Tank blitzes]

Fair question. Let me start by giving you the assumption.

It's going to be a hell of a lot easier to get a prospect to come out to an event that is put on by Microsoft than a small services company they've never heard of. Sorry, but it's true :-)

One thing you should know about how we work with partners. Our team has 40,000 customers and 25 employees. There's no way we can touch each customer individually. That's where you come in as a partner. Synergy serves as a  bridge. [here's a link to an upcoming one]

First off, it gives customers a chance to hear about newer technologies and solutions on the IW (information worker) and Infrastructure side. Second, it has a Microsoft 'blessing." Third, it gives us a chance to generate a lead for you. Oh...and you might learn something too! :-)

At the end of Synergy day, the Call to Action (CTA) is:

ok, now you've gotten a taste of what these solutions can do, the next step is to work with one of our partners to figure out how to make it real in your particular environment. You can attend one of their events upcoming in your area (we'll give them a list) or set up a meeting in your office. Which would you like to do?

What we will have done is created an environment where a customer is comfortable attending an event, gets excited about the possibilities of the Microsoft technology, and is confident in the execution capabilities of the partners in the room.

Together, we drive attendance. Microsoft tells the story and generates the lead and you come in to drive it home.

Make sense?