T-mobile and the Customer Experience...

For the technologically advanced, one of the most frustrating things is to call tech support and be treated like a novice.

"Yes, I know where the 'start' button is.'

"Yes, the battery is in the cell phone.'

So, it's particularly rewarding when you call tech support and w/in seconds, the rep makes it clear that

  1. he knows he is not talking to an average user
  2. he knows a lot about the subject at hand.

Coming on the heels of Joey's presentation yesterday, this was top of mind for me....the customer experience.

While I think the Dash is a Blackberry killer, I did have one problem I wanted addressed.

Immediately, I was put into the PDA support department and Rudy knew that I didn't want to have my time wasted. We addressed the issue and I felt listened to.

Customer service reps can be cheap or expensive, but you get what you pay for, right?

Isn't it better for me to talk to one expensive guy once than 5 poorly trained/poorly compensated guys over the course of an hour? It's more expensive for the company and more frustrating for me, as the customer.

Invest in your front line folks...they are the first part of each new experience your customer has.