Telling a Story...

When we talk about events, we talk a lot about how you "tell the story" to get a customer engaged.

Dave from Evolve and I were chatting a few weeks ago and he's taken a great story idea and run with it.

In the book, Moneyball ( Book Review: Moneyball ), the author explains how, using smart data, the Oakland A’s were able to cost-effectively put together a winning team.

On May 17th at RFK, Evolve Technologies is hosting an event where customers get to “play general manager” using data scenarios, while watching the Washington Nationals game, and interacting with Windows Mobile-based Palm Treo devices that are live linked to a back-end SQL server. There is a contest for who uses data most “smartly”.

Palm is a co-sponsor, the Nationals are helping to promote the event and we are expecting 70 customers.

Just a great intersection between technology and storytelling.