The Rookie Gets a Hit...

Lajuane Brooks from Ngen writes in after completing her first event:

Because we are like so many Microsoft partners who are relatively small with their resources already committed, I realized about 30 days before the event that I needed more resources to help me make the calls and follow-up on the leads.

LaJuane had been pushing, but with not too many results. This was her first event and she learned that getting an event engine off the ground takes work and takes time.

I learned that 1st time event givers and smaller partners need to have additional resources available to dedicate more time to calling and getting attendees to arrive. I had to reach into my personal network to get an additional live body to help with recruiting attendees.  

Once she did that, her fortunes started to change....

We filled up all the attendee seats except one.

And what did she offer to make the event a memorable experience?

  1. check out the name tags in the pdf attached
  2. had a unique, authentic intro that warmed up the crowd using old clips from the Dick van Dyke show
  3. had her 10 year old son make an "NGEN Word Find" game which customers played while they were waiting...and there were 3 winners!
  4. she partnered with a training partner to offer an interactive training in the small, intimate setting
  5. brought in a Microsoft presenter to wow the crowd with some new features
  6. paid attention to details

And how did the customers respond?

“I liked everything about it. The opening presentation was brilliant! It set the stage for everyone to leave fear of change at the door, and to open their minds to consider change in a positive way.  

The class was small and intimate, breaks were timely, everyone was very friendly – even the lady at the main desk downstairs! There was an air of professionalism that made the learning environment focused.

 I liked the layout of the space, it lends itself well to the classroom setting. The refreshments were excellent. The trainers were knowledgeable and highly competent. Time was well-managed.


PS – I don’t give glowing reviews unless they are deserved. I believe in constructive criticism and often provide feedback when no one asks. I let the Microsoft guys know that I was disappointed by one of their other collaborators. You guys did a great job! Thank you !”

If we've said it once, we've said it a 1000 times...the little stuff matters and shapes the experience.

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