The Shark Tank Blitz...

A lot of partners who are new to the Mid-Atlantic relationship have asked about "the Blitz."

There's one going on right now at the Microsoft DC office, so let me explain.

It's the flagship co-marketing activity for all partners in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Every other week (2nd and 4th Wednesday), partners come to the Microsoft DC office and utilize a list of individual customer names with supporting data (geography, vertical, etc.) and segmented based on product upgrade opportunity.

If you're an Infrastructure partner, you'll get a list of customers who aren't current on Windows and Exchange...If you're an App Dev partner, you'll get a list of customers who aren't on SharePoint 2003 and/or Office 2003...for SQL, well you get the idea.

You get to leverage the fact that when the phone rings at the customer site, the ID says "MICROSOFT" which increases phone pick up rate by about 50%. On top of that, you'll get scripts, product sales training, and lunch, as well as a great opportunity to network with other partners and your local Microsoft team.

You can call with whatever message you want, but we also give you a clear call to action of driving attendance to a Microsoft-led seminar series called Synergy (more on that to follow).

Bottom walk out of a half-day of focused calling --out of your office, away from email, your mind clear, and your competitors in the next cube :-) -- with the names of new prospects who are looking for a solution.