The value of blogging...

Or perhaps Blog ROI might be better.

Had an intro call with Chris Chodnicki of Bi4ce and he made my day by telling me that he'd read this blog and it wasn't the "usual PR junk you would expect from Microsoft."

To paraphrase, he found it "entertaining" and he could see that there was a real person at Microsoft who was going to work for his success.

Doubly pleasing because this is the point of the book that Dave Sobel at Evolve sent me called Naked Conversationswritten by famous Microsoft blogger, Robert Scoble, arguing for the power of blogging and the ability to change the ways that companies interact with their customers and partners.

I've gotten some value out of the book (about 40% of the way done) but arguably it's more for the newbie. I'm a believer, so Scoble is preaching to the choir. However, if you're interested in the power of blogs, this is a good read for you.

(Correction. Shel Israel co-authored Naked Conversations. My apologies to Shel for the inadvertent omission).