Tough Day for a Get Engaged Partner...

Sometimes things just don't go your way...

Karen, one of our best marketers, was the victim of the snow and ice in the area. She had 35 people registered for her event, but only 2 showed up.

Major bummer...but she's not giving up, even though she said " It took me all afternoon to get over it."

So, what is she doing?

I want to carry the momentum of the people that signed up forward.  

One idea I have is to ask if Microsoft would consider hosting a webinar for those 33 (minus 2) people. (We don’t have Webex). [she wants to use Live her for that]

I would avoid February all together and do it in March.  

Another idea I have is to have the event again in a free space, such as the Chamber Board room in Rockville. WWSD?

BTW, WWSD is "What would Seth do?" I love her for that.

Yes, Karen, I am going to set up the Live Meeting for you!

Plus, since she's shown her abilities in the past, I've pust some $ in the bucket for her next event in May.

Sometimes customers want to show up, but just can't. It's not a reflection on you.

Love the fight!