Two-Way Webcasts and Co-Revolutionaries...

Webcasts are notoriously broadcast events.

A hallmark of community building is that there be two-way dialogue (trust and transparency are the other two).

Well, lookie here, because Eric Robertson, Shawn Ammons, and Marjorie Givarz on the EDU side along with Michael Batt and Amir Capriles from the State/Local Gov't side are certified members of the revolution now!


Because they didn't get caught up in making the What's Important Now (WIN) webcast about them or about "let me finish my slides."

Instead, they created an atmosphere of honesty where partners could ask solid questions about Dynamics (in SLG) and partnering w/MS (on the EDU) side.

Between the two webcasts, we had over 25 participant questions online (and a number of post-webcast follow-ups).

We had a rocking turnout (78 on EDU and 36 on SLG)!!

Eric gave out his email address to all of the partners (a bold move...and one I wouldn't do, which is why I directed people to the Contact form on this blog! :-)) and Shawn brought her partner, ComputerLand, on the call.

Cland shared with all of the attendees what they are doing to build a deep, meaningful relationship with their customer, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, so that it's a win for everyone (the partner, the foundation and most importantly, the colleges!) 

They told great stories, highlighted the work of partners, and focused on the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) for the partners.

Just great and explains why, out of 9, we got an average score of 7.8 between the two calls (and I followed up with the 3 lowest evaluators from each call to dive into where we missed in their opinion, so next time, we'll get even higher!)

I love finding teammates in the revolution!