What $150 million buys you...

fb-msft At least one part of the ad inventory that MS has purchased on Facebook seems to be directed at existing MS employees on Facebook.

imageGood for them.

In building a community of passionate evangelists/advocates, one of the best (if not the best) place to start is with your existing employees.

imageSo, I see the ad on my FB homepage and click on over to the Microspotting site which then offers me the chance to connect to the Workin' It At Microsoft fan page, which I do.

And become a Fan.

And now, whoever is in charge of this effort (big kudos to you, btw), has a group of 672 people (some are employees, other potential employees) who WANT to have a tighter relationship

This is also a great example of the power of advertising within a social network. Since I've previously identified myself as a Microsoft employee and become part of the MS network, it is ridiculously easy to target an ad to me.

Comes back to the idea of the megaphone. Empower those already interested with more info so they can go out and "spread the gospel."