What makes a good status update?

I know I said that the purpose of a status update is to stimulate conversation, but, I am going to modify that slightly.

The purpose of the status update is to build your online brand.

Or, as Hugh MacLeod might say, your "global micro-brand"

So, how do you do that?

Just some thoughts.

  1. You've got 140 characters to get attention. Think like a creative writer.

  2. Don't be boring;  Better to not post an update (or tweet) than to post for posting's sake.
    (e.g. Joe is at work; John is drinking cofee; Sarah is going to bed.) Yeah, whatever.

  3. Think like a marketer:
    What's the teaser?
    Can you add a link?
    Better yet, add value (like the Tweet I saw re: getting money back from Airborne)

  4. Humor.

    Here's one I saw last week
    "Evonne finally has found the simple answer to a 15 year old problem."

    Just brilliant. It begs the question....

    Or the other one, "Ahava LOVES her new haircut."
    Her FB wall was covered with "where's the picture?"


Well, what do you think? Am I overanalyzing?

Do I put too much stock in the "attention" economy?