What Makes a Successful Event?

By the end of April, we will have co-sponsored over 75 partner events in the Area and have touched directly over 1300 customers.

I get asked a lot by partners who want to do an event: "what's most important? Location? Topic? Time?"

I've posted on the science behind location before, but I'll tell you this...the single most important factor contributing to successful events by partners is:

Focused Commitment

Partners who figure out what they want to do, give themselves enough time to prepare, iterate, and modify, and dedicate the resources to making a successful event...are much more likely to have a successful event.

I was speaking with a new (to Get Engaged) partner yesterday. He has 3 presentations coming up between now and April 2nd.

He wanted to do an event the "3rd week of April."

In so many words (and more diplomatically), I said: No.

He's got 1 marketing resource (him), the BEST partners can do it in 8 weeks, he's never done an event before, and he had other (time-consuming commitments).

Trust me, I want more events by more partners, but if he's going to fail, it doesn't help anyway.

So, he's slated for June.