When legal gets in the way of business...

A number of partners have written in about how the Click to Attend site hinders registration.

Today, I got an answer....and I can't say I'm thrilled.

I am sure there is a valid reason (in the mind of the legal team, risk, etc.), but to think that we're making it more difficult for our mutual customers to sign up for an event, is a  bit irritating.

Here's the response I got today:

Don’t make them have to create a Passport account in order to register (I know this is a common complaint amongst partners). 

I hear this often, but unfortunately, we must maintain the Windows Live ID login on CTA.com similar to WWEvents. 

The change was self-imposed based on revised policy set by Kevin Turner (Microsoft COO) that Windows Live ID is the only permissible online method for collecting and validating customer and partner information

An announcement went out to all partners on May 2006. It is attached [below] 

It contains some positive bullets on the customer experience and some ideas for the partners who are looking for alternative registration options.  Feel free to forward this to your partners.

But, Jill's registration ideas to improve the customer and partner experience got this response:

Make the “How Heard” a required field-   I will check with our developers on this to see how difficult that would be – it’s a good idea

But, we are not giving up...so keep the comments (and data) coming and let's get through this barrier together!

click to attend update.doc