How Do I know if Windbg I actually took effect?

So you're ready to test your application with Application Verifier. The OEM Ready and Certified for Windows Vista (CFWV) test documents specify you type Windbg –I from an elevated command prompt. So you add your application to Application Verifier, add the specific tests under basic and miscellaneous and start your app. You run through your "normal operations" and exit the application. Nothing happened.

Now you have a lingering doubt: did my app not trigger any AppVerif breakpoints? Or did I not set it up right? Hmm.

Here is a little test app. Copy this in a C command line app and build; add the application.exe to AppVerif as in the test steps and it should break in with a NULL handle stop code 303.




int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])


    HANDLE h = NULL;


    WaitForSingleObject( h, 0 );




    return 0;