Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V and Remote Desktop


Download your favorite image (or create one) and you want to exchange files with the guest OS.   You are running Wi-fi and have to use the wired connection as your virtual network.   You can access your image just fine through the Hyper-V Virtual Machine connection app but it doesn't support accessing host folders.


Remote Desktop to the rescue!   Yes I know, this is old news, but read on for the problem you may encounter.  


You start up remote desktop and try to access via IP and/or host name and you get that it is not there.   Hmmm....

Real Solution

The problem may be that by default Remote Desktop will try to auto-detect a remote desktop gateway.   When you are connected to the internet or you LAN you may encounter one!    Just go over to the options/Advanced and choose to NOT use a gateway and voila! it works!

Now you can change your settings to share local host drives with your remote session (your guest VM) and start sharing!