Our Special Guests Monthly Sessions

During the last months we have received fantastic guests who have come to our monthly sessions to tell us a little bit about themselves and teach us a little bit of everything. Special thanks to:

  • Angel Saenz: for being our first Lead invited! and talk to us about his team and the major challenges they are facing in DX and ISV motion. For sharing his career development inside the organization, his important steps through Dynamics, Corporate Accounts in SMS&P and finally DX.
  • Patricia Dominguez: was great to have her to learn about the SUB scorecard and the rhythm of the business. Was a great session not only for our new MACH but also for the oldest ones. Microsoft is a complex organization and Patricia definitely helped us understand it better.
  • Carlos de la Iglesia: Microsoft has a major impact not only in clients and partners but of course in the Spanish Society. Thanks to Carlos we have been able to know about different actions developed under the umbrella of Social Responsibility. Carlos is our PR & Citizenship lead, responsible of Community Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility and Accessibility.
  • Saoirse Fahey: Our Finance lead shared with us her journey through different roles in MS from Ireland to Spain. Was also a super opportunity to hear from her how numbers are reflecting our transformation and what are our challenges ahead. Leire Borderías from her team went deeper on our local P&L.
  • Carlos Picardo: Carlos is targeted to lead the transformation to the Cloud of our global Partner ecosystem in close collaboration with the different partner segments in SMB, Corporate Accounts and Enterprise. He and his team are ensuring we win the Cloud through committed, enthusiastic, successful and well trained partner ecosystem. He gave us an excellent overview about the Partners group segment in Spain and its strategic importance: 99% of business is Spain is achieved through partners!
  • Ethel Garcia: thanks for inspiring us! Thanks for your openness to tell us about your beginnings in Microsoft and your dreams to reach Corp team. Definitely, dreams can come true! Was great hearing your experience in Redmond.
  • Gonzalo Die: thanks for such an interesting session about how MS is helping public companies to achieve their own digital transformation, our aim to help the public administration to be more efficient and impact positively in the life of citizens. Really amazing projects for the future like the one with the DGT also in Health, Education, Smart cities, etc.

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