Add Intelligence to Any SQL App, with the Power of Deep Learning

Re-posted from the SQL Server blog.

Recent results and applications involving Deep Learning have proven to be incredibly promising, and across a diverse set of areas too, including speech recognition, language understanding, computer vision and more. Deep Learning is changing customer expectations and experiences around a variety of products and mobile apps, whether we're aware of it or not. That's definitely true of Microsoft apps you're likely to be using every day, such as Skype, Office 365, Cortana or Bing. As we've mentioned before, our Deep Learning based language translation in Skype was recently named one of the 7 greatest software innovations of 2016 by Popular Science, a true technological milestone, with machines now sitting at or above human parity, when it comes to recognizing conversational speech.

As a result of these developments, it's only a matter of time before intelligence powered by Deep Learning becomes an expectation of any app.

In a new blog post, Rimma Nehme addresses the question of how easy might it be for your typical SQL Server developer to integrate Deep Learning into their app. This question is especially timely in light of the recent enhancement to SQL Server 2016 through the integration of R Services, with powerful ML functions, including deep neural networks (DNNs) as a core part of it.

Can we help you turn any SQL app into a truly 'intelligent' app, and ideally with just a few lines of code?

To find out, read the original blog post here – the answer may surprise you.

CIML Blog Team