Announcing the new Cortana Analytics Suite from Microsoft

Earlier today, at our Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, our CEO Satya Nadella announced the new Cortana Analytics Suite as part of his keynote address.

Data, as we all recognize, can be a huge differentiator for any businesses – provided, of course, that they tap into such data for critical and actionable insights. The new Cortana Analytics Suite will help enterprises accomplish this by delivering on the promise of big data and advanced analytics.

Today’s announcement comes one year on the heels of our launch of the Azure Machine Learning service, at WPC 2014. With Cortana Analytics, Microsoft is once again taking many years of research and product innovation – not just in machine learning, but also in areas such as big data storage and processing in the cloud, new capabilities such as vision, face and speech recognition, and more – to help customers make better, faster decisions that are data-driven.

To take a concrete customer example, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, the largest hospital in northern New England, is developing a remote monitoring and predictive analytics solution called ImagineCare using the Cortana Analytics Suite. ImagineCare will improve patient outcomes by predicting the probability of catastrophic events such as heart attacks and emergency readmissions before they happen. You can learn about the work Dartmouth Hitchcock is doing with Cortana Analytics in this video:

Cortana Analytics Suite will be available later this fall as an integrated offering with a simple monthly subscription model. The offering will be customizable to fit unique needs of different organizations and will also provide preconfigured solutions to speed up the deployment of common industry scenarios such as fraud detection, churn analysis and recommendations.

We've discussed many individual services of this suite on this blog before – most of these are already available, so you can get started on Cortana Analytics Suite right away. Start your journey at

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