Empowering Every Organization on the Planet with Artificial Intelligence

Re-posted from the Microsoft SQL Server blog.

Extracting intelligence from ever-expanding amounts of data is now the difference between being the next market disruptor versus being relegated to the history books. Microsoft's comprehensive data platform and tools let developers and businesses create the next generation of intelligent applications, drive new efficiencies, create better products and improve their customer experiences.

At the Microsoft Data Amp event earlier today, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President for the Data Group, made several announcements around how Microsoft is helping every organization on the planet with data-driven intelligence. There were three main themes to his announcements:

  • The close integration of AI functions into databases, data lakes, and the cloud, to simplify the deployment of intelligent applications.
  • The use of AI within Microsoft services, to enhance performance and data security.
  • The flexibility Microsoft offers developers – to compose multiple cloud services into various design patterns for AI, to use Windows, Linux, Python, R, Spark, Hadoop, and other open source tools in building such systems.

A visual summary of the key announcements is captured in the graphic below. You can learn more at the original post here, and see how you can integrate big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your applications and your business.

CIML Blog Team