Microsoft Acquires Metanautix

Reposted from The Official Microsoft Blog.

We are excited to announce that Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, a company whose technology helps customers break the boundaries between various data sources and siloes, and perform analytics on all available data, no matter its type, size or location.

Metanautix’s technology spans private and public clouds and avoids the need for expensive movement of data into a centralized system. The solution integrates data across traditional data warehouses (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata), open source NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB and Cassandra) and business systems such as and other cloud and on-prem sources.

The technology makes a wide variety of data becomes queryable by SQL, the most widely used data query language, and at high speed and scale.

Read more about this development here, or from the blog post by Metanautix CEO Theo Vassilakis.


ML Blog Team