Are You an Office Original?

We have a section on our Mactopia website called “Office Originals” all about the cool, fun, inspiring, amazing things people do with Office for Mac, and meeting Originals is one of the best parts of my job. I can wax pretty poetic about Office myself (and brother, don’t ask me about Garage Band, unless you have time to kill – I’m a BIG fan), but when I meet someone using Office for Mac to realize some part of their own potential, or to make the world a better place (like our friend Mark Gibson, a K12 teacher and Office Original), and who just can’t WAIT to tell me about it, it’s a rush; I’m all ears (which some would point to as a genetic defect and others would say explains my questionable hairstyle in this bio pic.) Anyway, people are either into their technology, or they’re not, and I most definitely am – so are Office Originals.

I meet Office Originals every time I visit a MUG – they share their stories and their tricks and their loves (and hates) of Office for Mac. They’re a passionate bunch, and not shy. But it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out to a MUG, and Macworld (the ultimate Office Original hang-out) is months away; I’m jonesing (pun intended J) for some new inspiration. So, I put it out to you – are you an Office Original? Are you a band using Entourage to keep in touch while on the road (like Aucklanders Stereogram)? Or maybe you’re more like this distinguished professor? A friend of mine sent me a coloring book a few weeks ago that her kids had made in PowerPoint. Another friend sent me the artful menus his kids had created in Word while playing restaurant. Are you using Office for Mac to draw outside the lines? To inspire food for thought? Tell me about it!