Hello from Paris Expo!

Amanda Lefebvre and I are here at Paris Expo - we're just ready to go over to the show floor now for the first time,and today we'll be talking to folks from Macworld UK, MacUser, MacFormat, ZDNet France and some other French outlets too, not to mention lots of customers.! Nous ne parlons pas beaucoup de Francais, so we'll probably stick to mostly English :-), and we finally get to talk about our new product line-ups (we've added a Special Media Edition, which includes Microsoft Expression Media digital asset management system) as well as the addition of three new languages - Danish, Finnish & Norwegian (the "Nordic Pack".) We're also announcing for many countries our Technology Guarantee: starting today (September 25th), if you buy Office 2004 for Mac, you will get Office 2008 for Mac after it launches in January for the cost of shipping and handling, so no risk if you're upgrading your Mac this week and want to make sure you're getting the latest!

We've already gotten some coverage from some of the pre-briefings that Amanda and Craig Eisler did last week, and Eric Pacquin from our Dublin subsidiary will be blogging live from the floor today in between presentations. Viva la France - today the Expo, tonight a stroll on the Champs-élysées tonight - I can't wait to meet up with all of our friends from our subsidiaries and other folks we haven't seen for ages. Watch for Eric's post later today!

Bonjour! Sheridan

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