MacBOO to you! Happy Halloween and TidBITs Treats!

Today kicks off our official sponsorship of TidBITS, and it's a real Halloween treat for us to work with this legendary online newsletter (sixteen years and counting) and the amazing Adam and Tonya Engst. We've been talking to them a bunch since Macworld last year about how we should do something together - ever since another good friend of MacBU, Neil Ticktin of MacTech Magazine, insisted that it should be so. :-)

Adam gave us a most gracious welcome in yesterday's issue of TidBITs, and though we weren't able to get the MacBOO t-shirts designed (sorry Adam!), we are offering some treats for TidBITS readers, which hopefully you all are or will be soon. Check out the DealBITS drawing here.

So, who's on the bus for Macworld '07? Maybe we can do MacBUs t-shirts instead? And speaking of Macworld, we've got some fun community stuff in store including sponsoring the Your Mac Life party again this year - watch this space for more details!