Windows Phone Performance Tuning Resources

Just thought I would share my list of resources that have helped me performance tune Windows Phone applications.  I highly encourage all developers to read these articles before they ever embark on creating a Windows Phone app. It'll save you a TON of time accounting for performance issues from the beginning and also make your app feel like a very high quality one from the get-go. But if you already have one existing, these blogs/articles should still be of huge help.


General Performance Tuning Guidance for Windows Phone


Performance Considerations in Applications for Windows Phone

Performance Techniques for Windows Phone

Faster Application Loading Time Techniques

Video: Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone

SilverLight for Windows Phone Performance Team Blog


Performance Tuning for Low Memory Devices (WP 7.5.1 "Tango")


Optimizing Apps for Lower Cost Devices

Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB ("Tango")

Performance Tuning: Scroll Performance, ListBoxes, and Images in Windows Phone


Working with Images

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: ListBox Scroll Performance

Windows Phone Mango change, Listbox: How to detect compression(end of scroll) states

LowProfileImageLoader helps the WP7 UI thread stay responsive by loading images in the background

LazyListBox Should Improve your Scrolling Performance and Responsiveness by Peter Torr

DeferredLoadListBox (and StackPanel) help Windows Phone 7 lists scroll smoothly and consistently