Forging Ahead

Greetings from the Axum Team!

If you thought that this is one of those blogs that fizzles out after the initial sparkle of activity, rest assured we’re still alive and well. In fact, we’re forging ahead full steam towards our first preview release of Maestro … err Axum.

A lot of work that goes into making it happen has little to do with designing the language or building the compiler. We’re rediscovering the old truth that programming is fun, but shipping isn't. Going over the documentation to make sure it’s actually readable. Making sure setup and integration with Visual Studio work properly. You’ve got the idea.

In the meantime, Axum is getting more publicity. On Wednesday, Josh gave a talk at Lang.Net Symposium (I highly recommend the video) and I presented Axum at the Northwest C++ Users Group. Seeing so many people willing to sit in a dark room on a sunny afternoon (we’re in Seattle!) and listen to what I had to say about Axum is extremely rewarding. Much needed shot in the arm to go work on things like setup and integration!

A few people from the audience asked questions about using Axum in a distributed scenario. One in particular that struck a chord with me is about message throttling. What happens if the source sends faster than the target can consume? How do we handle failures reliably? Expect to hear more on this on this blog in the coming days. Stay tuned.