What are you building?

Hello Axumites!

It’s been a while since we’ve last talked but many of you have silently been downloading the bits and surely some of you have actually been using them.  As we get further along in our prototyping/planning efforts we want to know how you’ve put Axum to work and what it’s done for you.

What have you built? We’re even interested in hearing about your toy apps. 

Did Axum benefit you?  If so, how? 

Tell us what the single most painful part of you experience was. 

Did you have an epitomic point where the agents model just made sense?

If you haven’t built anything, what would you want to build?  If you have, what do you plan to build next?

Keep experimenting!  We have a series of thought-provoking blog posts coming soon.

Program Manager, Axum