[LFCS] terminal multiplexer commands $ tmux

tmux, htop and bash-completion are the 3 useful commands for the exam. You can install them using $ apt install tmux htop bash-completion.Let's see the commands for tmux,

Session management:-
$ apt install tmux -y
$ tmux new -s <session-name>
$ tmux attach -t <session-name> {continue to run in the bg if we detach}
$ tmux list-sessions

Session command:-
<Cntl-b> % -> Split the window vertically
<Cntl-b> " -> Split the window horizontally
<Cntl-b> x -> kill the current pane
<Cntl-b> Up, Down, Right, Left cursor -> switch the cursor from one pane to the other
<Cntl-b> x -> Close the current pane
<Cntl-b> [ -> Scroll within a pane (use q to exit)