Announcing the availability of the MIX10 Session Planner (Beta)

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple of months. We have been working on our the next version of Microsoft Sync Framework and as part of that we decided to do a little preview of our work at MIX10. For starters we have made the MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) public that provides an offline cache/Synchronization of the MIX sessions data in Silverlight. The synchronization brains for the app is built on top of our early Sync 3.0 code base and provides a glimpse of the direction we are heading towards. We will have lots more to discuss at MIX on the architecture of the service. For the time being visit to get started on using the offline cache experience (note LiveID sign in required).

PS: If the synchronization space is something you are interested in and would like to join our team we are still hiring.

Maheshwar Jayaraman