Experimenting with the new MSN Messenger IM Control

Microsoft just announced the Messenger IM control. I took a quick look at it and found it to be pretty useful idea and want to test this out on my blog. Sometimes I get email from people who have follow up questions on a blog post and this would be a wonderful way to have a quick conversation if I am online. I am going to try it out for a few weeks and if its successful then I am going to add it to my personal domain as well. From looking at the code, I can see that the it doesnt have my login name in it and so *hopefully* I wont be spammed.

Its not like this Windows live is the first to do this, Google already has the "chat with contacts" embedded in GMail and then there is MSN web messenger. But this is the first time I dont need a login name to use the feature.

Windows Live is releasing some nice features. Now all I need is this feature integrated in Hotmail so I can have instant conversations with online contacts without needing the desktop client.