FF vs IE debate - WOS (Wrath of Slashdot)

Peter torr posted his experiences *Installing* (notice the bold on installing) firefox and got swamped with backlash comments from FF patrons. He then followed it up with a follow up post and I think both the posts are excellent. Gr8 posts Peter and keep up the good work. Poor guy, if there are about 400 moderated comments then I can only guess the amount of unmoderated comments he must have got.

One thing that most of the IE bashers forgot about the post was that the post never discussed features and only discussed the installing part of it. But from the reactions, seems like an IE user talking about FF is taboo and is bound to have a million "IE sucks, FF rules" comments. Now that sucks.. understand the context!!!!!

Personally, I use both FF and IE and keep switching back and forth based on what I am doing. Lets face it, FF is currently better than IE and has more features. But that doesn't mean its the most secure *here we go again.. :)*. Google's applications have been recently in the news for security holes and as FF usage grows, its bound to face the same problems like Microsoft and Google. Lets face it, hackers or virus writers have no loyalty towards any product and just enjoy making people's life hell no matter what the platform is and what the product is. All they want is a wider user base to get affected!!!! Only time will tell.

These kind of strong competition is good and will bring the best in both products, bottom line: Happy times for users where they have more features and options and security.

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