From NCL to WCF

With Whidbey shipping, I made a career choice to move over to a SDE role working with the Indigo Serviceframework team. Having worked on System.Net, Indigo (WCF) provided me with the opportunity of working on a V1 product with enough time left to learn and impact V1 and VNext. I will be working on the Service framework team which is the programming model face of Indigo. In particular, I will be involved with ServiceHost, ChannelFactory/ClientBase classes that users would typically use to create services or conjure up clients to talk to existing services. Its been quite a learning experience both as a SDE and soaking in Indigo concepts. We are currently checking in code for design change requests and some API cleanup and I will talk more about these features. I know that WCF is a concept that is new and people will have lots of questions on how things work and why things are the way they are in Beta2. If you have any such questions then leave a comment and I would love to talk about it.