.NET Smtp Client implementation and Gmail - Customer feedback Bug

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, we have set up a forum for answering customer issues and problems they encounter in using the new API's in Whidbey beta2. This forum has been an interesting place where we see unique scenarios and also some genuine scenarios failing that should be working. One such issue which we found via a customer in the forum was inability to send mail to Gmail. It turned out to be a bug in our implementation and we got it fixed for the final release of Whidbey. This makes me think that if more people start using these forums to post their concerns or experience is using the framework, it would aid us in shipping a much better product out. This is like having few hundred people actively testing the product in comparison to the five member team we have here for System.Net namespace. I feel we should have started this forum in beta1 itself (I know there was one but not widely used) which would have provided more feedback/features which we could have implemented in beta2/final version. Its too late now as the tree is almost locked and no new features can be added for 2.0 now.  But, I believe its better to be late than never, if people start posting their ideas that they would like to be implemented in the next version of .NET then it would aid us in weighing the features we want to implement. Personally I would like to see a killer PopClient implementation.[:)]


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