Updated GUI Tool to configure SSL on a given port using Httpcfg.exe

One of my first posts was a link to my managed UI wrapper that let users view/configure/edit SSL certificates on local machines. I had developed it when I worked on the System.Net team as I found it really hard to use the command line version of Httpcfg.exe to configure SSL certs. The tool was developed with the Beta version of .Net 2.0 and I really didnt have time to update it after Whidbey was released. What I didnt realize was that the tool was the most popular search hit on my blog and that the original download link is dead on codeplex. So, I took some time this weekend and resurrected the tool up to latest release versions of .NET.

The latest bits are available at http://maheshwar.net/projects/httpcfgui/httpcfgui.zip.

From my old blog:

"Some Requirements/Information before you download the tool.

1. Tested on Win2k3, WinXP and Vista(needs to run as admin).

2. Requires .NET 2.0 framework.

3. To open the machine store, you need to be the admin on that machine.

4. You need to have httpcfg.exe in your system path. It can be downloaded here. It comes as a part of support tools for win2k3 and XP. I could have attached the exe but dont think I can redistribute it.

The readme.txt tells you how to use it."

Maheshwar Jayaraman