Get Better at Visio Using Free MS Online Tutorials

Do you struggle with getting your shapes just right in your Visio diagrams? Do you have limited time and interest for going through a Visio user book? Here’s an easy way to update your Visio knowledge: take free online Microsoft tutorials that introduce you to Visio. This is cool content that a lot of Visio users don’t know about, and a great way to get pointers on getting the most out of Visio. The training tutorials give you self-paced lessons and three practice sessions, with a short test at the end of each lesson (tests are not scored). You also get a nifty cheat sheet (technically called a Quick Reference Card) that you can take away from the course.

Having a basic understanding of how Visio shapes work makes it easier to understand how to tweak your shapes to make your diagram look perfect. Start with the Get to Know Visio (20-30 minutes) course and then go on to Shapes I: Introductory Basics that You Can’t Live Without (30-40 minutes). From there, you can check out any of the additional course, like Print Large Drawings and Get the Results You Want (50 minutes) and Use Visio Drawings in Prsentations, Documents, and Publications (50 minutes).