Welcome to the Visio blog!

Thanks for visiting! I'll be covering cool things that users can do with Visio, ranging from making it faster and easier to create a drawing to making your Visio drawing look great. I'll also be talking about Visio developer issues. I'm really interested in hearing your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to provide any feedback.


I'm a Lead Program Manager with the Visio group. I have also worked on Microsoft Commerce Server (back when it was called Merchant Server -- anyone remember the Wallet Webmaster Kit?) and Microsoft Transaction Server (a great application and a great group of people who worked on it). I have worked on Visio since the summer of 2001. Outside of Microsoft, I've spent some time in startups, specifically Qpass and digeo broadband. Before I had kids and all free time disappeared, I wrote two books targeted at business managers. The first book is decent although outdated; please ignore the existence of the second book. I occasionally work on a novel now, but don't hold your breath...






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