MSDN Translation Wiki

The Visual Studio documentation is localized into nine languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish. To expand the availability of relevant technical content to a wider, global audience of developers, Microsoft has launched two years ago the MSDN Translation Wiki. The first language available for this was the Brazilian Portuguese. The Translation Wiki was a combined effort of Microsoft and local universities to get a good machine translation in place and some tech reviews in the most popular topics. So Brazilian developers now have the MSDN documentation in their native language. The automatic translation is not always great, that's why is in a wiki format. Users can suggest a better translation and the moderators (like myself) will review it.

Because it's a translation wiki, the default view has both languages side-by-side (English and Portuguese). For me, as a moderator, that is great because I can review the original  sentence and the translation. What struck me today is that I've never realized that you could choose to show only the English frame or only the translation frame, which is very helpful for someone that is not interested in the English version. And I only realized that because of a customer feedback bug that I was translating today!

So I'll switch to Portuguese now to try to help our customers facing this issue...

Se você está visualizando uma página em português no MSDN, como por exemplo Guia de Programação C#, observe que tem um filtro no menu superior chamado Exibir Conteúdo. A opção pré-selecionada é Lado a Lado, que vai exibir o conteúdo tanto em inglês como em português, o que pode dificultar a leitura. Por isso, você pode selecionar entre as opções Apenas em Inglês ou Apenas Tradução.