Exam Prep for 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

I recently took the 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam. Each Microsoft exam page has a Skills Measured section. This section clearly outlines the knowledge that will be measured on the exam. i.e. the exam questions are going to be about the following topics only.


As I went through the sections above, I noticed that each section corresponded to documentation on the Azure docs site. Last year when I took the 534 exam, I had noticed the same similarity. Looks like this is a consistent approach that the exam writers are taking across exams. It does make sense since exam writers would test the most important concepts. i.e. those would be the same ones that the Azure technical writers have already documented.


With the above in mind, I went through all the documentation on the exam site, and put together a study guide. I got great feedback last year about my post, and I am hoping that this is going to be helpful as well.


Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps (10-15%)

  • Deploy Web Apps
  • Configure Web Apps
  • Configure diagnostics, monitoring and analytics
  • Configure Web Apps for scale and resilience

Create and Manage Compute Resources (20-25%)

  • Deploy workloads on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) virtual machines (VMs)
  • Perform configuration management
  • Design and implement VM storage
  • Monitor ARM VMs
  • Manage ARM VM availability
  • Scale ARM VMs
  • Manage Containers with Azure Container Services (ACS)

Design and Implement a Storage Strategy (10-15%)

  • Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure Files
  • Manage access
  • Implement storage encryption

Implement Virtual Networks (15-20%)

  • Configure virtual networks
  • Design and implement multi-site or hybrid network connectivity
  • Configure ARM VM networking
  • Design and implement a connection strategy
  • Implement Hybrid Connections to access data sources on-premises; leverage S2S VPN to connect to an on-premises infrastructure

Design and Deploy ARM Templates (10-15%)

  • Implement ARM templates
  • Control access
  • Design role-based access control (RBAC)

Manage Azure Security and Recovery Services (25-30%)

  • Manage data protection and security compliance
  • Implement recovery services

Manage Azure Operations (5-10%)

  • Enhance cloud management with automation
  • Collect and analyze data generated by resources in cloud and on-premises environments. A

Manage Azure Identities (5-10%)

  • Manage domains with Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Implement Azure AD B2C and Azure AD B2B




Note - Some links may be missing above since the material will be covered in different areas.

Do let me know if you find the guide above useful or if you find more relevant links by leaving a comment.