Improving ConfigMgr Console Performance - Removing the Action Pane

Sometimes I find that the console in ConfigMgr does not perform as quickly as I would like. My last blog post on this topic showed how we can speed up the boot time for the SCCM console by turning off a web check, but how about when I am in the console itself?

Well, the MMC 3 console is doing quite a lot of work to help me out as it is running. In particular it’s keeping that Action Pane up to date with a whole bunch of context sensitive menus. After a while I realised that all this Action Pane was doing for me was taking up screen real estate and in one occasion on a test system (yes, it really WAS a test environment) when it offered me a delete option I ended up accidently a system instead of a collecttion!

So I looked at what would happen when I turned it off. Hey presto, the console was a whole lot faster. Here’s a screenshot of how I now set my console.

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This post was contributed by Jason Wallace, a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft Premier Field Engineering, UK