Visual Studio Management Pack Authoring Series - Part 8 - Create a Distributed Application (class, relationship, discovery and diagram view)

We can also build a Distributed Application for our Application. This fragment will:

  • Create the Distributed Application Class
  • Create and discover the relationship between our Application Server class and the Distributed Application
  • Create a Diagram View. This requires that you have created the State Views in Part 7 as we created the top level folder structure in that article.

Right Click DAClassAndDiscovery, Add, New Item

Add Empty Management Pack Fragment and choose a name of GDMyAppDA

Copy and Paste this code between the <ManagementPackFragment></ManagementPackFragment> tags

You'll need to do a find \ replace for 2 items. The first changes the class namespace for the application class and discovery. The second changes the Display Name. 

1. Class Namespace and Discovery

Find What: GD.Application

Replace With: GD.MyApp

2. Display Name

Find What: GD Application

Replace With: GD My App

We should now be able to test this:

1. Build the Project and make sure it builds successfully.

2. Click Start to export the Management Pack to the default Management Group

3. Validate the folder and view in the Monitoring Tab

The objects are listed as Not Monitored as we don't have any monitors targeted at our Application Class. That will come in future articles.

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