SSIS scripts to help manage BizTalk Server


SSIS package generator for archiving BizTalk BAM activity tables
When you deploy a BAM activity, the BAM archive SSIS packages are automatically generated. If the activities have millions of row, deploying the BAM activity is slow. This SSIS package replaces the script tasks that create and execute the insert scripts. It replaces them with a data flow task; which improves the performance.


Delete Backup History And Files
When the Backup BizTalk Server job executes, it creates two files in the backup folder. These folders are not maintained by BizTalk. This SSIS package deletes the backup history and the backup files using parameters you enter.


Run All BAM SSIS Packages
Looks at all the deployed BAM Activities. Then, it runs the associated packages to ensure the BAMPrimaryImport table is archived.


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