AdditionalReferencePath in Team Build


In Team Build, AdditionalReferencePath items (defined in the tfsbuild.proj) are used to specify the reference paths for resolving the external references. They are similar to HintPath. For example you can specify the lookup folder (C:\Common\Binaries) by defining the corresponding AdditionalReferencePath item. i.e

<AdditionalReferencePath Include="C:\Common\Binaries" />

How to make this reference path recursive?

<Project xmlns=" ">
<Target Name="BeforeGet">

<CreateItem Include=" C:\Common\Binaries\**\*.*" >
<Output ItemName=" AllFilesRecursively " TaskParameter="Include" />
<Message Text="@(AllFilesRecursively->'%(RecursiveDir)','&#x0D; &#x0A;')" />

             <CreateItem Include="@( AllFilesRecursively ->'%(RootDir)%(Directory)')">
<Output ItemName="AdditionalReferencePath" TaskParameter="Include" />

<Message Text="@(AdditionalReferencePath)" />