Team build reported successful build but still some assemblies are missing at drop site?

Question :-

I was building 3 projects. The sln and csproj files of the first and thirld project supported building for configuration (“Debug|x86”) but second project didn’t supported it in its build scripts. I build these projects using Team Build for mentioned configuration. The build went through fine and the build report mentioned the build as successful. I checked for the assemblies at drop location and found that assembly corresponding to second project was absent. Now since team build has reported build as successful, I expect to find all the assemblies at drop location or explicit notification that team build is skipping the build for second project?


Answer :-

If you check for the reports then you will find one warning saying that the compilation for second project is skipped because the mentioned configuration (“debug|x86”) is not supported. Problem with this approach is that people usually look at error or warnings when build fails. Moreover if you are running static analyses then you typically get/expect a lot of warnings and this warning might be lost. Having one link for this warning is not very helpful. Post beta3 we need a better way to inform the end user that second project was not compiled …


Disclaimer: The information mentioned is for beta3 bits (releasing in September 2005).