Announcing Applications Insights in Visual Studio Online

With the availability of Application Insight Limited Preview GSM Availability functionality is now available in VS Online. GSM was already available within SCOM and Azure to a certain extent. However the availability functionality is greatly improved in AI and here are some screenshots of what is possible:


1. Simple authoring experience. You can create either single URL tests or multi-step transactions using Visual Studio Web Performance Tests. Select from up to 16 locations to run availability tests. Can select the alerting criteria in the same dialog


2. After configuring you should see test result data flowing in 10-15 minutes. There are various aggregations which are done on raw results. You can see aggregated availability and response time for application or monitor

3. Once you determine something is failing you can drilldown to individual results to see a scatter graph


6. A Simple click on any "red x" shows the full test result to pinpoint which step within your transaction failed


7. You can also download the result right from the portal and open in Visual Studio to see raw requests/responses for each step



8. Lastly there are cool dashboards to visualize availability metrics