What's new in remoting 2.0

Now that .net Framework 2.0 is released -- a list of new features in remoting is in order. Following is a list of new features added to remoting:

1. IPCChannel: A new channel based on named pipes form x-process (same machine) communication. Its more secure and performant than the previous best performer the tcp / binary channel.

2. Authentication / Authorization Support: IPC and TCP channels now have inbuilt support for authentication (identification / impersonation) and authorization. This removes the use of custom security sinks.

3. Timeout on TcpChannel: This was one of the pain points before. Now the client can specify a timeout on the tcp channel to avoid deadlocks

4. IPv6 support: Tcp and HTTP channels now are ipv6 aware

5. Better NLB support: By making the client side connection cache configurable, earlier issues with NLB and sticky connections has been eliminated.

As far as binary serialization goes the new big feature is version tolerant serialization which allows type versioning fidelity.