"Data source field to map" and "Enter field to map" drop downs are missing

This ‘How to’ blog will help you to configure custom properly mapping when importing user profile data. To import custom profile attributes , we need to configure the connection first. In this blog post we are discussing about an issue where some of the fields Under “Property import mapping” are missing.


Issue:- When trying to bring an additional Active Directory field into SharePoint using the /ssp/admin/_layouts/EditProperty.aspx page under the "Property Import Mapping", "Data source field to map" and "Enter field to map" drop downs are missing as shown above


1. Login to Central administration site

2. Click on SSP and Click on “User profile and properties”

3. Click on “view import connections”

4. Click on the connection name and edit the Connection the one we need to change

5. Click on “Specify a domain controller” under “connection settings”

6. The list of domain controllers will appear now, Drop down to see the Domain controllers available in the domain and can be reachable by SharePoint.

7. Select a Domain controller which is Global Catalog

8. Make sure from the SharePoint server , you can telnet to this Domain controller selected, using the TCP port 389

9.Click on OK and check the edit property page to see if "Data source field to map" and "Enter field to map" drop downs are displayed


When the option “Auto discover domain controller option is selected under “Connection settings”, the SharePoint server will try to reach any of the domain controllers available in the domain randomly . this will actually connects with different domain controller at times. In most of the cases, domain controllers will be located in different geographical location and the traffic will be controlled using firewall or similar options. So , when the SharePoint tries to reach the domain control , at times it may fail to reach due to the network issues/restrictions. Using the above options, we manually point the SharePoint server to a specific Domain controller where the SharePoint can reach the DC.