Exchange2010: OWA/Outlook(Online) Search not returning any results after installing Rollup Update for Exchange 2010.

Outlook (online),OWA users search the Exchange 2010 server content index – called Exchange Search. Sometimes search stops working, after installing rollup updates for Exchange 2010.There are many issues that cause search not to function properly. This  blog post is to help troubleshoot one such specific issues with filter pack.

A. Test if MSearch is experiencing deadlock situation, Run Troubleshoot-CI.PS1 Script from Exchange Management shell. The script checks the state of Exchange content index service.

 Troubleshoot-CI.ps1 -Server “Mailbox Server name”

 IsDeadLocked : False

 IsRTMServer : False

 IsMSFTEdMemoryConsumptionOverLimit: False

 * If deadlock Situation is detected follow This TechNet article to help resolve the issue:   Indexing backlog detected

 B. Run Get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus cmdlet

     Verify the content index status for all databases, check if all the DB’s are affected or only the few  

     If ContentIndexState == Failed follow the steps to address the issue: Reseed the Search Catalog

     ContentIndexState == Unknown,  

 **    In this case, Reset search index will not help, because the search state is unknown.

Error UnknownError (0x80043629) processing restriction by CI

CiSearch::EcGetRowsetAndAccessor(): ………… UnknownError (0x80043629)

0x80043629 -- is FTE_E_CATALOG_DOES_NOT_EXIST. Content indexing service gets this error from MSfteSql when the catalog was not found or was dismounted

When reviewing the Application log the following events are present

 ID: 9877
Level: Error
Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Message: Content Indexing function 'CISearch::EcGetRowsetAndAccessor' received an unusual and unexpected error code from MSSearch

-- Restart Microsoft Exchange Search Service and verify if an issue is fixed.

-- Check if SYM Links are uninstalled

There is a symbolic link for each registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ContentIndex\Language  

Following script helps to rebuild broken Sym links.    Repair broken Sym links

** Above steps may not help occasionally and one need to troubleshoot further to isolate the issue   

C. Extrace to identify the issue with MSSearch,

MDB .. DB GUID…. - Adding document 163671 3e0c-2A113C-4-5CC72 to failed documents with error 0x80040d16 (UnknownError (0x80040d16))

MDB .. DB GUID…. - Adding document 163685 3e0c-2A113D-4-AFE52 to failed documents with error 0x80040d16 (UnknownError (0x80040d16))

- Errors listed above indicates the issue is with the corrupt search indexer files. Rebuilding catalog or restarting search index service or re-installing filter packs do not help. Follow the steps below to fix the issue.

-- Remove all installed filter packs including any third party filter packs 

-- Restart the server

-- Install Office Filter pack + SP for office filter pack if any

* Check that the search is working and returning results in OWA and Outlook (Online) 

 **If you have databases of large size or over Million items, you might experience a situation where you will have to index one database at a time.