Start-Databaseavailabilitygroup fails to Add Addclusternodes(), Error 0x13af

Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet to start a member of a database availability group (DAG) or to start an entire Active Directory site. The Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet is used to activate member Mailbox servers in a recovered datacenter after a datacenter switchover, as part of the failback process to the recovered datacenter. The Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet manipulates configuration and state so that the server(s) is incorporated into the operating DAG, and joined to the DAG's underlying cluster.

Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet calls ,

The Servers are in the Startedservers list (The list is the startedservers property of the DAG in AD): 

The following servers are in the stoppedservers list:
verifying that the members of database availability group ‘DAG’ are also members of the cluster.
verifying that the members of cluster ‘DAG’ are also members of the database availability group.

According to GetNodeclusterstateQ, the server MAILBOXSERVER is notInstalled.

Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup : Fails with following error message

WARNING: Server 'MailboxServer' failed to be started as a member of database availability group 'DAG'. Error: A server-side
database availability group administrative operation failed. Error: The operation failed. CreateCluster errors may result from
incorrectly configured static addresses. Error: An error occurred while attempting a cluster operation. Error: Cluster API
'"AddClusterNode() (MaxPercentage=37) failed with 0x13af. Error: ---[ 'ERROR_CLUSTER_INVALID_NODE'. Description of Error The cluster node is not valid ]

The cluster node is not valid"' failed. [Server:]

1 – check cluster service is stalled , ideally it will be disabled

2 – You may see this information in cluster hive

Open the Cluster Registry hive , none of the registry entries are accessible.



The Add Cluster Node Entry (AddClusterNode()) in cluster API is used to add a node to the membership list of an existing cluster.

If the "Start " parameter is set to 0, the node that is being added will have a status of New and Cluster Resource Services will not be started on that node. The Start cluster Node API can be called from a program running on one of the active nodes in the cluster to start Cluster Resource Services on a node that does not have a status of Active.

If the "Start Indicator" parameter on this API is set to 1, Cluster Resource Services will be started on the node that is being added. If Cluster Resource Services is successfully started, the status for the added node will be set to Active. If the Cluster Resource Services cannot be started, the status of the added node will be set to New.During the Addition process Cluster Services, the allow add to cluster network attribute is checked to see whether the node being added should be part of the cluster and whether to validate the cluster request and the start indicator must be set to 0.

- The node being added to the cluster must not already be a member of any other cluster.A node can be a member of only one cluster.      -If the start indicator is set to 1, the node must be IP reachable (TCP/IP active ) and reachable on port 3343.

CHANNEL fe80::24b3:bf65:8254:c5a%18:~3343~] failure, status ERROR_SUCCESS(0)
Parent stream has been closed.
Connection to Node is broken. Reason Closed(1236)' because of 'channel to remote endpoint fe80::24b3:bf65:8254:c5a%18:~3343~ has failed with status ERROR_SUCCESS(0)'
Stream has been configured so that delaying error reporting is OK, initiating reconnect.
[QUORUM] Node : Fail to form/join a cluster in 6:15.000
Node quorum state is 'Not yet formed or joined a cluster'. join/form timeout: set netft heartbeat interval to 900 seconds
Unloading Hive, Key \Registry\Machine\Cluster, discard Current Changes true
ERR FatalError is Calling Exit Process


So , simple resolution would be to reboot the mailboxserver that is failing to add and run cmdlet again

Start-databaseavailabilitygroup –id:DAG -mailboxserver “mailboxserver”